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When I first looked for coaching on the warrior forum, I ran into Alex Jeffreys with all the hella good testimonials. I jumped into his $5,000 dollar inner circle. Ok maybe no his inner circle, just couldn’t afford it at the time, but his $27 a month membership did just right. I didn’t even know what an opt-in form was at the time, information overdrive would’ve definitely kicked in this fella.

Alex is a great coach, I do have to say this brotha knows what he’s cranking out. He’s speaks with authority and that’s because he’s a millionaire. He may over extend explanations on the little stuff in his lessons but that’s no biggy! The material in is membership is complete, easy to understand with lot’s of bonuses inside from previous products. Everything you need to know to get the ball rollin is in here if you’re just getting started. All well priced, not bad for a gangster rap enthusiast.



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