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Facebook has built a “call” button people can tap to call businesses directly from an ad. More than 40 million businesses have Facebook pages, and now they can add the instant call button in marketing campaigns.

The button opens more direct-response marketing opportunities on Facebook, which previously only offered businesses the ability to ask users for Likes or a button for directions.

Facebook calls these “local awareness ads,” and they can target users by neighborhood. “Our new local awareness objective is the first Facebook ad objective created explicitly for local businesses,” Facebook said in its post today announcing the new features.

Local businesses can set up a campaign with the buttons from their Facebook pages and see the results. According to Facebook, the ads reach the most people for the least money. One example showed an unnamed advertiser spending $40, reaching 6,500 people and generating six calls.

Of course, Facebook is not the first to offer a call button. Google’s search gives users call and directions links, and Twitter also has similar offerings.

Facebook topped 2 million advertisers earlier this year, and it credited much of its new business to a focus on small and medium-size businesses.



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