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5 Facebook Pages You Should Follow to Become a Facebook Expert

5 Facebook Pages You Should Follow to Become a Facebook Expert

Our blog & our product is 100% geared towards making you a better Facebook expert.

Our goal there is to bounce ideas off one another — all in order to learn ways to use our tool & Facebook better.

You should join!

Sure, your business niche might be in real estate, jewelry, food or something else, but our goal remains the same:

To make you a Facebook Expert.

That’s why I want to share 5 pages that I always pay attention to keep on top of things.

1. Jon Loomer Digital


Jon’s website, blog & fan page — especially in the past year — have become THE resource when it comes to Facebook Ads.

I can’t think of anyone teaching about FB ads in as much detail as Jon.

Especially in a way that most of us can understand.

I’ll admit, I don’t always agree with everything Jon says — and that’s ok. His target market is more advanced marketers & larger companies.

Whereas I tend to target small business owners & those just starting out.

There’s a place for both — and Jon has definitely carved out his niche.

If you want to know about Facebook Ads, you definitely need to follow Jon’s page.

2. ShortStack


Not only are Jim Belosic & the rest of the crew at Shortstack highly knowledgeable, they also have a great sense of humor — as seen in one of their cover photos above.

Their product helps businesses build tab apps for fan pages — and in my opinion, they’re the best.

But they don’t just market, market, market on their page — like lots of their competitors.

In fact, most of their posts are there to educate their fans on how to better use Facebook.

This is done with a mix of their own research-based posts or by sharing posts from others.

You’ll learn a lot by following their page.

3. SocialMouths


Francisco Rosales & his gang are always creating & sharing great content about Facebook marketing.

Although they do share about other social networks as well.

What I like about them is that their posts & content are down to earth & easy to consume.

They don’t post a ton — and I’d actually encourage them to post more, since when they do they get great response.

Worth the follow — and please give them a shout out for me!

4. Ravi Shukle


Ravi reminds me of myself about 2 years ago — except with a British accent!

The dude never seems to sleep — and he’s consistently finding updates & breaking Facebook news before others do.

Which is a tough job in & of itself!

But in addition to just being on top of the latest happenings on Facebook, Ravi also gives great tips & advice — and he has a thriving community on his page.

You can learn a lot just by watching how, what & when he posts.

5. Razor Social


When I’m looking to find the latest apps & tools, I look to Ian Cleary & Razor Social.

Ian consistently provides top notch input on the latest tools for make using social media management easier & more efficient.

In addition to providing reviews of tools, Razor Social also offers great advice on using Facebook & other forms of social media.

Becoming a Facebook Expert

I’m confident that by following these experts you’ll quickly become a Facebook expert yourself — and learn how to better leverage Facebook for your own business.

Your turn: What are your favorite pages to follow when it comes to Facebook Marketing?