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image-high-ticket-1Let me be brutally honest with you here because I have seen this happening all the time. Good marketing will not overcome bad math!

You have to sell 100 copies of that $6 ebook to just make $600. If you want to earn at least $5,000 this month, you have to sell 833 copies…and that’s counting you as having zero advertising expenses. That’s a tough road to follow. Averaging 28 sales a day without advertising just to earn an OK income is not an easy to plan. And it’s never one I’d want to follow either.

What if you sell 10 of your $10 product this month, you make $100. On a $4,000 product, you made $40,000. Can you live on $100? Not likely. Can you live on $40,000 a month? I would certainly hope so, or we need to take a serious look at your lifestyle.

In fact I’d say nearly ALL the time! With a higher ticket item, you obviously need a lot less customers…which means less customer service on it’s own… and less staff. So less expense in selling those higher ticket items.

Putting it simply.. You do the same marketing work for more profits. You have to lay the foundations, set up autoresponder messages, get your blog online etc. for either of them.

The sales process for the higher ticket item might be a little more detailed and there maybe a slightly different approach, but those same details can find their way into your email messages, videos, webinars, etc.

You make more money from the same work when you sell higher ticket products.

This is why everything changed for me when I decided to become a member/affiliate of Mobe(My Top Tier Business Empire). Not only is it critical for your survival to have a high ticket offer in your sales funnel, but it’s been preached by all the successful gurus over and over again.

It just makes so much sense, because they have already done all the hard work, they close the sales for you, and all you worry about is driving traffic.(another topic covered 1-on-1 with your assigned mentor)

So you may be asking what’s the purpose of a low cost product then? e.g. the application pack.

It’s a lead generator for your high ticket items. To build a stronger relationship with your customers. If you’re selling another product first, you can also move into additional marketing such as direct mail or phone to sell the higher ticket item. Mobe does all that for YOU already so you can literally focus on your lead generation. This is unheard of in the home based business industry!

There is also an application pack because that allows them to turn away the wrong type customer, as to cut out the “tyre kickers” and not waste theirs or our time.

If your not confident that their are people willing to spend this amount of money then try picking up a copy of MONEY Magazine! There are literally people willing to spend $3000 on a set of golf clubs.. Or even $15,000 to attend a marketing conference / seminar. Its hard to get your head around at first but once you make this shift theres no looking back..

Yet, that’s one of the biggest changes you can make…a change in your mindset. In most businesses, serious people are willing to spend money to get what they want. And these are some of the best customers you can ever have… if you focus on them and deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

This is why everything changed for me when I decided to become a member/affiliate of Mobe.

It just makes so much sense, because they’ve already done all the hard work and you can start selling today!

It’s for this very reason Mobe has an elite coaching program. They wanted to be able to offer a higher ticket product for affiliates to promote to a market of people who were willing to invest in their education.

You’re assigned a six-figure mentor to take you by the hand. Mobe licensees qualify to get paid $1000, $2000, $4000 and $8000 commissions PER sale!!!!!

How do you like that for an easy quick way to get high ticket income into your business model!!

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