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Product creation for a newbie and where to start? The answer is a simple 3 words. Private Label Rights.

These are information products that belonged to someone else, but they give you the right to use it as your own. By changing the title, the graphics, taking pieces of content out or combining PLR’s content. Lot’s of play room as you can see.

But don’t be a snake and just slap your name on it, veterans marketers keep their grass short and can spot a PLR a mile away. At least give it your own spin and touch before you make it your own. Learn and be creative and make the necessary changes to sound unique and with your own twist, and it will keep you from ruining your reputation before it can even start. Yikes!

It took me about 3 months of deliberating what products to create. All I knew was that it had to be cookie cutter stuff you can plug and play. Thinking of ways to re-invent the wheel in the beginning helped me pin point solutions from other peoples products whether it was private label rights or non-label rights.

The problem most marketers face is creating all the content because of course it takes your freaking time. (unless you got the money, you can outsource the writing and graphics) Straining your eyes in front of the computer screen thinking about what to write about is a pain in the ass, not even your secret stash can help you. Content can come all of a sudden while dropping a deuce or in the middle of the shower, you just don’t know mein!

Meanwhile, I suggest doing what I do half the time(well only 2-4 products) and that is to crank out content quickly using some high-quality PLR. Below are some of my favorite sources of high quality PLR that were given to me by a big name guru. – I know, I know, it’s coming soon..!